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The Big E-RC At Our Company Launch Party
The Big E-RC At Our Company Launch Party


Big E-RC Aims to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots in the RC Helicopter industry. We plan on offering low-cost, high quality RC helicopters for all types of customers. We do not want this to be a pay to play type of industry. We are breaking the mold. Join us in our journey.

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Your fascination on remote controlled helicopters got you here. And that made you decide to start to collect different kinds of these toys. To start with, you are going to buy something that is memorable- the first toy should be one of the best items in the store. Is there such thing as best RC helicopter? Sure there is. But that is something to be dependent on one’s preferences. Considering the number of options you have in stores, you have to simplify this by setting up criteria. Hence, you need to recognize these particular characteristics of RC helicopter you are looking for. In this text, we are going to help you choose the best RC helicopter for you by unlocking some points to consider.

  • Get on with the physical details. You need to define the RC helicopter based on its appearance. There are the different toy of this kind that is why you need to recognize particular specifications of its image. Below are the criteria you have to consider.
    • Define the preferred size. How big do you want it to be? An RC helicopter varies with its size. There are ones that are less than a foot and some could be really big- like human size toys. Checking out videos over the net will make you feel amaze how RC helicopters could be as big as. Meanwhile, when choosing the size, you have to consider two things. These are the place where you are going to fly the RC helicopter and the space at home where you are going to store it. If you are thinking of a collection that can be displayed in your cabinet or on your living room then definitely the small one is good. However, if you got a spacious place, then there is no problem with having a bigger one.
    • Any particular color. Have you a favorite color in mind? RC helicopters come in different colors. Most popular picks are blue, black, gray, silver and shades of green. If you want to have a toy that has combination these colors, then it is best to check out the item on the website of the manufacturing company if they have such combination. Another option is to change the color yourself by playing with paint. Make use of your creativity! Some RC helicopter toys collector would buy spare parts of their favorite color and change the original piece of the toy.
    • Design. RC helicopters come with a different design. There are ones that look sexy and stylish with their front features that are emphasized with a combination of colors and others are designed as war choppers.
  • Special features. This is the icing on the cake! New designs of RC helicopters come with special features that you will love.
    • Lights. Some RC helicopters have LED lights on the front, side and on the back part. These lights come in different colors, and most common are red, blue and yellow. These lights sometimes serve as signals when the toy is about to fly or land on the ground. Meanwhile, other RC helicopters do have a white light on the front that serves as the guiding gleam during night time. How cool is that? You can fly this type of RC helicopter at night!
    • Camera. Yes, you are right! You can take pictures or video of the awesome places with this RC helicopter. This is one of the special features that you should not miss! You can imagine flying the toy around your favorite place while taking an overlooking video of the vast green trees and awesome landscape.
    • Others. Panic mode is a special feature of RC helicopter that allows you to minimize the damage to the toy when it is going to crash on the ground. Other items are built with a rigid structure to protect the toy from banging on trees and other hard surfaces while flying. You can check these features on the reviews of RC helicopters.
  • Type of RC helicopter. This toy has two categories of its kind. These are RC helicopters for beginners, and the other is an advance. For new collectors like you, the first one is good as you are still acquainting yourself on the game of flying this toy. Beginner RC helicopter is the electric versions of coaxial and fixed patch. This has basic features of flying and easy to navigate on the air. On the other hand, advance RC helicopters are the collective pitch. These electric toys have more complicated features that are difficult for you to control So expertise and mastery should be learned first before having this kind of helicopter.
  • Particular remote controller. These toy helicopters have different types of remote controls. There are ones that come with the usual square or rectangular device with buttons, and there are toys that are controlled with stick and throttle.
  • Flight stability. If you want to have an RC helicopter that is stable in the air 360 degree, then choose the ones that have gyro feature. It helps the toy to have good resistance while on the air even with sudden changes on its route/ direction.
  • Charging. When choosing an RC helicopter, it is best to have the ones that are fast charging. Of course, you want to enjoy your toy the soonest so having it fully charged in shorter is awesome! On the other hand, there are RC helicopters that have protection for over charging. If you often forget your electronic devices connected to the outlet, then having this toy is good for you to have.
  • Material. This toy comes in a different material. However, most of them have a combination of plastic and metallic component. If you want to have a more durable RC helicopter, them choosing the one that is made from metal is a good option, but this could be heavy and has a lower flying altitude.
  • Flight time. RC helicopters do have different flight time range. Some toys only last for 15 minutes in the air and then it has to be charged for an hour and a few minutes.
  • Height range. These toys vary on the magnitude of their flight. There are RC helicopters that can go as high as 100 feet while others can only fly until 50 feet.
  • Price. This item is dependent on the built and durability, material, features, and design of the RC helicopter. If you are after with the latest models having cool features, then definitely you are going to pay for a good price to have it.

When choosing for the best RC helicopters, you have to consider the criteria mentioned above, so you will be guided with the type of toy you want for your collection. These specifications are good basis if you are looking forward for a particular activity with the remote controlled helicopter. Meanwhile, before buying an item, you need to see your budget as well as these toys could go a bit pricey with their special features. Click here for best 2017 RC helicopters reviews.