Features of a Large RC Helicopters

RC helicopters come in different variations of sizes and if you prefer to have a kind of helicopter that is larger than the usual type is your choice. This is mostly better use for those who are an expert already in using an RC helicopter. If you are a beginner, this is not suitable for your skill as it needed a pilot that can manage and handle it as well. Beginners, must start off with a smaller version with a remote control and practice the skills that are required for you to be able to handle a larger version. Remember that it both comes for different purposes as well.

Even for skilled RC helicopter handlers, still needs to understand the basics such as how you’re going to manage it with its flying and the maintenance course. So, all these and more is your priority in making sure that your RC helicopter is not prone to any means of damage. Buying a larger frame of a helicopter is just the same as you are going to buy for the smaller version and of course, you need to know and identify certain things that need to be considered such as your budget and brand. Now, if that’s what you planned, you must remember that it could either be expensive or affordable. Save up for a better quality of an RC helicopter rather than buying and end up wasting the item.

To know more about larger RC helicopters here are the following common specifications that you can find upon buying one.

Remote control- this controls the positioning of the RC helicopter. For every type of RC helicopter, it comes with a remote control, so make sure that you are purchasing it with a complete set and it should move according to its level of positioning such as the forward, backwards, left and right sideward, the rise and the fall of the vehicle. It should be consistent and suitable for positioning whether it is for outdoor and indoor use.

Lightweight design- if you think that large RC helicopters are heavy, no they aren’t and It is just like those with the smaller version.

The nigh flight effect- this is an added feature. However, depends on the manufacturers guide as well.

Uniquely designed- each RC helicopters are designed differently. So, this means that you can choose any variation of a design that you want to purchase. Each of these helicopters is made up of different materials.

Battery- maximum allotted time for charging is usually 3 hours and its flight time depends as well, but it is mostly within 7 minutes. Specification of batteries should be at least a 14.8V

Its outdoor stability should only have at about 80m distance up to 100m.

Smooth performance- as you are playing or is handling the RC helicopter, make sure that it runs smoothly without any hesitations. This means that the vehicle that you have brought is in good quality. If you happened to be having a hard time driving your RC helicopter, it would be best for you to have it checked or returned it for a replacement.


How to Maintain the Quality of your RC Helicopter

There is always something exciting about things that fly whether it is a piece of paper plane, a real aircraft and or a toy there is no difference in bringing people to be happy. Watching it from afar makes you in awe as to how one flying object can be very entertaining and at the same time fun. This is actually beneficial for both the adults and kids as well because it is a good leisure for play and bonding and more advantageous if you are able to maintain it too.

When it comes to maintenance, you must know every part of your helicopter. It is important that you get familiarize for you to know which part is needed for repair. Here are the following ways for you to be able to keep the longevity of your RC helicopter.

  1. Maintenance for the Canopy- this part of your RC helicopter should be detached for you to check and at the same time maintain it for any defects. Depending on how often you’re using your helicopter, it is essential that you check it from time to time. There will be possible cracks as well. If this does happen, better have it repair to your local RC helicopter shops. Remember that this portion of the vehicle should be kept tight.
  2. Maintenance of the gear landing- if you notice any bolts that loosen and it is showing signs of stress damage. To ensure that there is a safe landing of your RC helicopter, it would be best for you to properly tighten the gear so that it will increase its overall longevity or its lifespan.
  3. Maintenance of the bearings- keep in mind that your RC helicopter is a wear and tear vehicle, just like any other vehicles. For you to maintain everything, always make sure to have it lubricated as regularly as you can and have it checked as often also. This is very important, and it is required as well depending on your manual’s guide.
  4. Maintenance of the servo tray- this particular area, it should be well maintained as this is crucial if there are any cracks. This needs to be secured tightly as possible always.
  5. Tail boom- this area should be kept maintained for the helicopter to be able to fly well.
  6. Maintenance for the gear box- do not forget that the tail rotor is one of the important parts in the vehicle also. If there happened to any loosen parts, it always keeps it tight and lubricated.
  7. Batteries- this is another important part of the entire vehicle, without the batteries, your RC helicopter will not be as useful. Do not over charge as well as it will damage the helicopter.
  8. Fuel tank- if you happened to have an RC helicopter that needs to be gassed up, keep in mind to only use gasoline that is recommended. For larger helicopters, do not forget to check the tank as well.